What is the importance of going to the dentist

As first we have to know is that the mouth is the first organ of the digestive system thanks to it we can receive, grind and swallow our food so it is very important to always go to the dentist 2 months to have a healthy mouth.

A healthy mouth facilitates our relationship with the world around us, since it is one of the most useful elements we have when we are born during our life, to discover the consistency and texture of things and also allows us to speak and perform different gestures and Sounds with which we communicate with other people.

Its external characteristics are part of our physical appearance. Consequently, they are important in the image we project and having a pleasant mouth favors human relationships and elevates our self-esteem.

A healthy mouth is the reflection of a healthy body and a well-integrated person in society. Take care of the health of your mouth, visit the dentist at least twice a year because having good hygiene not only benefits you but also the society.

As a dental hygienist that I will be in the future I recommend it for good hygiene in the mouth and always brush the times that a coma to not have cavities in the mouth and not damage the teeth and be a person with good hygiene.

Another obsession of why it is convenient to go to the dentist?

Before the emergence of modern dentistry, people used to experience pain and loss of dental pieces from a young age. Have stained or misaligned teeth, or even have lost them, affected many people.

Those who no longer had teeth in their old age could not chew and, as a consequence, suffered malnutrition and died prematurely. At present most of those who go to the dentist are free of pain, retain their teeth all their lives and have a smile.

Bacteria feed and multiply thanks to food particles; Transform the sugar into acids that attack the dental enamel and cause them to become porous. Over time, cavities occur when the porous enamel crumbles and creates a cavity or hole. At this stage there is no discomfort, but when the infection reaches the pulp cavity of the tooth, there is usually acute pain.

The bacteria that form the plaque have another way of tormenting us. If it is not removed by brushing, the plaque hardens and forms a calcified deposit called calculus, or tartar, which can cause the gums to become inflamed and separate from the teeth forming a void where the food remains, accumulating Fasten for bacteria that can infect gums.

That is why it is very important to go to the dentist twice a year to have a good dental hygiene in the mouth and dazzle a beautiful and bright smile.