What foods are worse for your oral health

Good eating habits play a key role in the achievement and maintenance of good oral health. There are some foods if not consumed in moderation can wear down tooth enamel and promote tooth decay and sensitivity causing serious tooth decay.

Regular consumption of acidic foods and drinks, such as sodas, citrus fruits, orange juice, among others, generate acidity in the mouth which in turn demineralized tooth enamel.

Try to consume in moderate amounts and accompany them with meals, and eat when there is increased production of saliva which helps neutralize acids.

It is advisable to follow a routine oral care once consumed these foods and protecting the tooth enamel.

In some cases it is not advisable to brush immediately after drinking certain beverages such as wine, tea and coffee. While these drinks stain teeth, brushing is not recommended after ingestion because its acidity is very high and the contact weaken tooth enamel. This could cause an abrasive effect during brushing that makes it much better to use a mouthwash to freshen breath.

There are other foods that while not actively contribute to enamel wear, and may cause further irreparable damage to the teeth.

I mean popcorn and ice cubes. The famous “Popcorn” presents two risks.

(1) Brown shell tends to stick to the teeth and gums and even worse, can become lodged between the tooth and gum causing great discomfort and infections.

(2) Eating quickly and strongly chew. If this happens with some of the corn kernels that have not busted a tooth could fracture or worsen the condition and cracked another.

Chewing ice cubes usually cause broken teeth, particularly the posterior teeth with high fillers.