The main factors of gum pain

The gums are a tissue from the inside of the mouth that covers the upper and lower jaws), helping to protect and hold the teeth. If the gums are completely healthy they do not produce any symptoms, but if we perceive pain or bleed, then it is necessary that we visit a dentist.

And it is that the pain of the gums is characteristic of the periodontal disease, although it can also originate by the retraction of the gums that usually occurs with the aging. Also, this pain may be accompanied by other symptoms such as bad breath, sensitivity to cold or heat, gingival bleeding, loosening of the teeth or redness of the gums.

Why does the pain originate? Gum disease is often caused by infections caused by bacteria that are lodged in the oral cavity and often cause inflammation (known as gingivitis). If we do not treat this type of pathologies on time and properly, the disease progresses by infecting the gingiva (periodontitis). This causes destruction of the connective tissue, which keeps the tooth fixed in place, which can lead to loss of the tooth.

Factors that cause gum disease. But, what are the main causes of gum pain? Below, we share with you the main factors that cause such diseases:

  • Tobacco is also another major risk factor.
  • The hormonal changes that take place in the woman throughout her life.
  • Diseases such as diabetes, anemia, cardiovascular diseases or any systematic infection.
  • The use of certain medications.
  • Incorrect oral hygiene or poor diet.
  • Malted adjustment of restorations or dentures.

Therefore, it is important to take into account all these factors to protect our gums from these types of diseases. Anyway, if you feel pain, do not worry that these pathologies treated in time by a dentist can be solved avoiding the loss of the tooth. Therefore, if you have pain or bleeding in the gums, we invite you to contact un specialists.