The first visit to the dentist

Her first tooth came out and it was time to start worrying about the health of her mouth. How to take it to the dentist without being afraid?  Star presents the information necessary to properly care for your baby’s mouth and gives you a number of tips for that first visit.

The first visit to the dentist

The first visit to the dentist should be pleasurable. Its better when you have no problem, like control, and not when you have something serious. Because if the boy has a bad memory of the first time and can lead to develop a fear.

It can be like a game. The dentist explains to the boy how the instruments work. You can also do a clinical and radiographic examination, which does not hurt. Or but a cleaning of the surfaces and a treatment of fluorine.

The first visits to the dentist are a way to motivate the child to worry about dental health and to become familiar with the clinic, instruments and experience.

 When should the first consultation take place?

The first visit to the dentist should be done within the first year of life, when the teeth begin to appear.

Around the six months of life the first teeth appear (inferior central incisors) and, approximately, a month later, the superior central incisors. During the next 18 to 22 months, the remaining teeth appear until, at 24 to 30 months, the 20 temporary or milk pieces are completed.

Oral hygiene should begin before the primary dentition is completed, as cavities may already be installed at that time. To prevent any kind of illness, it is best to visit the dentist on a semi-annual basis.

Brushing techniques

For correct hygiene of the mouth all the faces of the teeth must be brushed (forward, back and the surfaces of cut and crushing of the foods).

When the child is small parents should help with brushing. The task of brushing teeth lies with mom and dad until, at about age 5 or 6, the child’s fine motor skills are developed enough to brush teeth simply and correctly.

The brush should be changed approximately every three months (or when it is deteriorated), since only in good condition will it be able to fulfill its function.

Tips for the first visit

  • Surely you too are afraid to go to the dentist, it is an unpleasant situation for most people. But the important thing is not to transfer our fears to the boys. You have to explain to them that the dentist just wants to take care of the health of your mouth and that there is no problem.
  • You should make sure the dentist likes the boys. The worst thing that can happen to you is that you have a dentist who does not like boys.
  • Once you leave the consultation you can go together to choose a fun toothbrush and a toothpaste to start that same day with cleaning.