Relationship between oral health and general health

There is a close relationship between oral health and the general health of the organism. The mouth reflects signs and symptoms of health and illness, even some diseases that affect the body as a whole may have their first manifestation in the oral cavity. In addition, in the mouth we can see some lesions that can alert us about vitamin deficiencies, lack of minerals or deficient nutritional states. In other words, oral health is important and is related to the health and general well-being of people.

Several bacteria are present in the mouth, including those related to dental caries, periodontal diseases and systemic diseases affecting general health. These bacteria are usually kept under control with good oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing daily. However, when harmful bacteria grow out of control they can cause infections in the gums, and thus convert the oral cavity into a pathway into the bloodstream.

A classic example of the impact of oral health on general health is periodontal disease, as it causes tooth loss and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

Finally, it should be noted that one of the issues that is also very important to visit the dentist regularly is that, as part of their routine exploration, professionals can detect anomalies, signs or symptoms of development of malignant or premalignant lesions in the mouth and alert us thus a serious health problem such as cancer.