Reasons to go to the dentist

There are several reasons to go to the dentist regularly, most professionals recommend a visit at least once every six months and make the dentist in a trusted physician with an important role in our lives.

10 Reasons to go to the dentist

  1. Keeping your teeth healthy for much longer. Your dentist can perform much more thorough dental cleaning to complement your home oral hygiene.
  2. Get valuable tips on how to take care of your teeth. Often it is not within our reach to detect whether we are doing everything we owe through our mouth (or, above all, if we do it the right way): the guidance of the specialist will help us to correct bad habits or to perfect those that already work.
  3. Prevent and correct any dental problems before they become a significant problem. Most dental problems are not visible or painful until they are very advanced. Early detection can save you pain.
  4. Especially prevent dental diseases such as gum, which is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. If gingivitis is detected early, it can be treated and reversed before it becomes periodontitis. Also, early detection of periodontitis allows time to be gained before it is too advanced. The same happens with the rest of periodontal diseases or with cancer of the mouth. Early detection is everything.
  5. Take advantage of the specialized equipment and state-of-the-art technology in dental diagnosis, treatment and beautification with dental clinics. At Prop dental, for example, staff constantly receive advanced training in the latest techniques to help you maintain healthy teeth and a bright smile.
  6. Make a treatment plan for our teeth, whether health or aesthetic. Let the specialists outline the most efficient way for your mouth (in terms of time, money and results).
  7. Save money. Early detection allows early treatment, much less expensive and much faster than when the problem is detected at a later stage.
  8. Save time. Surveys have shown that poor dental health leads to loss of productivity. One of the consequences of poor dental health is absenteeism, either from pain or from dealing with treatments that could have been prevented by increasing our frequency of visits to the dentist. Also, no one works well with toothache.

Set a good example for our children. Encouraging healthy habits and frequent visits to the dentist helps to create a positive image of the dentist, prevent future fears and allow us to anticipate future dental problems (at age 3, between 50 and 70% The children already have some decay in the mouth).

Have and maintain the best of smiles. Does it seem like a small motive? Your smile is not only your letter of introduction to the world, but also one of the pillars of your self-esteem. Let the specialist help you think.