Reasons not to whiten teeth

There are numerous options for looking whiter teeth, but home remedies or tricks that can be found on channels like the internet are not the most advisable as they can become harmful.

Teeth whitening with home tricks

It is common to find in webs tricks that ensure to be effective when it comes to whitening the dental pieces. Even some of these tricks are made known to our friends or family without knowing the risk that some of them may pose for dental health.

One of the most popular home teeth whitening is one that is made by mixing fine salt and lemon to brush the teeth with this paste. Salt is an abrasive and will damage the gums and the acidity of the lemon will attack the enamel of the teeth. So this is a trick to use at home.

Another equally well-known trick to whiten your teeth at home is to brush them by mixing the toothpaste with baking soda or, directly, brushing with only baking soda. Although it is true that this component can be useful in combating extrinsic dental stains, it is not easy for someone other than a dentist to recognize this type of pigmentation. Therefore, when using bicarbonate, the only thing that will be done is to use an abrasive element against the dental enamel.

Strawberries are also used in the hope of getting whiter teeth, but nothing further from the truth. In fact the strawberries tend to pigment the dental pieces and to favor the appearance of stains with the passage of time.

Oxygenated water is another of the most typical products used to get whiter teeth. In the same way that it is a good ally to cure small wounds located in the gingiva, its composition does not have any element that helps to whiten the dental pieces.