Possible risks for not going to the dentist

With the crisis, many people are postponing the visit to the dentist, but solving a simple problem is a long-term savings, not having to resort to more complicated “operations” to solve the problem. We encourage you to do one or two reviews a year, to prevent complications for passing time.

The cavities , in the case of the smallest, and infections of the mouth , broken teeth or mismatch prosthesis , in the case of the elderly, are some of the most common problems arising from the health bucodental.

The main conditions are:

Infections: The so-called “toothache” warns in most cases of an infection. For example, a hole in a tooth if neglected, this progresses inwards and can affect the nerve, which becomes inflamed and infected.

Rolled tooth: This same problem can lead turn into a fracture, which occurs when the tooth is be hollow that area is broken by chewing.

Cancer of the mouth: Experts point out that this is not one of the most common conditions, but it could also be one of the consequences of carelessness of the teeth.

Bruxism: Anxiety and stress largely explain the origin of this disease becoming more common, which means that the person or clench your teeth Recline consciously during the day or unconsciously night. Consequently erosions, wear and even fracture of teeth can occur.

Digestive problems: In turn, the wear of the teeth or the lack of these causes those who suffer “wear” more teeth, having to resort to these to grind food. It is convenient to chew food to pass and crushed, but if we lack teeth we do is gobble, so that this comes on terms that are not appropriate for the digestive process is correct.

Decay: This is one of the most common conditions in childhood and it is the pediatrician, in most cases, who is responsible for detecting it and refer the child to the dentist.

To avoid all these complications, we encourage you to make routine visits to inked to detect if there is any oral problems.