Major dental problems due to poor diet

Nowadays, time is pressing more than ever and it happens so fast that many do not have time to cook or sit down to eat with peace of mind. That’s why fast food rich in simple sugars and carbohydrates is a resource more than aided by most. However, this poor diet is a source of bacteria and problems that lead to oral diseases.

Dental caries: Tooth decay is the most common infectious disease affecting teeth and consisting of the dissolution of teeth by acids produced by bacteria.

To combat this disease is very important to have a diet rich in fluoride needed for decay resistance and good development of the dental structure; and calcium, which favors the mineralization of tooth and decreases salivation and acidification. When salivating more, a film is formed on the tooth that causes the bacterial plaque to diminish and, therefore, the appearance of cavities.

Periodontal problems: Periodontal diseases are gum disease, caused by infection and inflammation of the same, usually caused by a poor diet.

Poor dental occlusion: or what is the same, not being able to bite properly by not having displaced teeth. This is a very common problem is mainly due to the low demand to which we surrender our jaw and necessary to get braces to fix the distribution of our teeth.

This, coupled with a diet that is generally low in quality nutrients, contributes to our jaw not getting the size needed for all teeth to fit and therefore need to correct their alignment.

Dental Erosion or loss of dental hard tissue because of the acids. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid eating and drinking foods and beverages rich in excess acids. It is also important to remember that if we eat foods rich in acids we should avoid brushing our teeth immediately afterwards, as this can increase wear.

 Tips for improving iour teeth

  • Diet and healthy eating follow a diet that balances carbohydrates and proteins with fruits and vegetables. Do not neglect the dairy as they are foods that help our teeth.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes.
  • Regularly come to our dentist confidence, who knows us and knows how to treat our oral needs.
  • Caring saliva, our main protector for the teeth. Let’s not forget that it neutralizes acids and “cleans” the mouth.
  • Taking care of children’s teeth from appearing.
  • Be prepared for emergencies, since the speed and specialization is key.
  • Stop smoking. You will avoid problems of gums and bad breath, oral cancer, loss of the white color of your teeth, etc.