Enemies of oral health

Knowing the enemies of oral health will be of great help when it comes to avoiding certain foods, practices or behaviors that may call into question proper oral health. Through this article we will know the reasons why it is harmful to consume sugary products or those erroneous practices related to oral hygiene. Do not miss it!

Enemies of oral health | Identify them

We started by talking about sugar as one of the great enemies for oral health. But … Why is its consumption harmful? It is important to know that both sugar and carbohydrates have the ability to create the acid that causes tooth decay, for this reason if we consume food such as candy, bread or pasta and we do not brush our teeth then we allow these food residues to start to decompose causing the creation of the acid that will attack the enamel, meaning in this way the beginning of decay.

Regarding oral hygiene, we must point out some elements or behaviors that are not beneficial for the health of our mouth and an example of this comes from the hand of hard bristle brushes since not only cause excessive wear of the enamel if not that they can also damage the gums. On the other hand we must talk about the importance of the correct frequency of tooth brushing (between 2 and 3 brushing a day) since if we do not reach this figure we run the risk of suffering from all kinds of oral diseases such as caries or pathologies. of periodontal character. However, if we exceed this figure it is likely that we will develop dental fluorosis, a pathology that appears due to a slight intoxication due to excessive use and manifested through white spots on the enamel that will affect the patient’s dental aesthetics.

We must also talk about different habits that affect oral health and within these categories we can mention biting your nails, opening cans of soda with your teeth or squeezing and grinding your teeth, a habit that is known as bruxism and that It causes all kinds of dental problems such as the possibility of suffering dental fractures.

It is clear that we are facing a wide variety of enemies that we should avoid if we want to maintain a proper oral health. Similarly, it is vitally important to practice a correct routine in terms of oral hygiene as well as we must visit the dentist periodically to undergo routine checks in order to check the good condition of our teeth and other oral tissues.