Dental whitening is fashionable

Many times, the world of health and aesthetics meet, because it is really difficult to show beauty without appearing to be in good health, in this sense many fashions emerge that, due to the needs of the masses, health professionals have to unite, as happens in the case of dental clinics and teeth whitening.

As we saw in the post about teeth whitening tricks , more and more people are concerned about showing an unpolluted white smile, the more resplendent the better, and although many people opt for those tricks of doubtful effectiveness, there are also many people who spend by dental clinics to learn about teeth whitening.

The tooth whitening is a cosmetic treatment that seeks only to clarify the color tone of the enamel of the teeth to make them look whiter and clean, which are a symbol of beauty and health as opposed to yellow teeth.

The treatment can be done in two different ways and you can choose one of the two or combine them to achieve more lasting results.

The first option is dental whitening in clinic using LED light. The process lasts about 30 minutes and is very simple. The dentist applies protector on the patient’s gums and a bleach on the teeth. Afterwards a LED light lamp is placed focusing directly on the patient’s teeth for about 20-30 minutes. This whitening session may need to be repeated several times depending on the state of the patient’s teeth, although results are usually seen from the first session.

The other option is that of home whitening using splints. The dentist creates custom molds on the patient’s teeth and a whitening product is applied on them. The patient must place the splints with the product for about 3 hours (according to the specifications of each dentist for each patient). This should be repeated every day for 2-3 weeks.

Neither procedure causes pain or requires medication or anesthesia. Transient dental sensitivity can simply appear to cold or heat that passes alone in 24-48 hours maximum.

The tooth whitening is a procedure that oversees professional dentist and ensuring the best results without risk to dental health. This makes it more expensive, but with health issues it is advisable to be well informed and assess all options before taking risks and that the remedy is more expensive than the disease.