Dental implant

There are few patients who observe the deadlines requires the collation of implant, and want to find a way to reduce the time of this general treatment . En 3 or 4 months from the date of tooth extraction. Thus, many come to consider the possibility of using immediate dental implants.

For this reason, here we will try to solve the main questions surrounding these prostheses.

What is an immediate dental implant?

Immediate dental implants, also known as dental implants of immediate loading are those that are placed at the time of tooth extraction. With this speed, the patient sees reduced significantly the time required final placement of the implants.

When can an immediate dental implant be used?

To carry out the placement of the dental implants of immediate load is used the hole left by the root of the extracted tooth, place where the dental implant of immediate load is placed along with a temporary crown. In this way, it is possible to avoid the second intervention of the process, which is the one used to insert the implant into the gingiva, and prevents bone loss by reabsorption.

It seems that the advantages are many, but not all the conditions a dental implant immediate loading can be used. It should be noted that should be the specialist who issues a judgment about the possibility of this treatment, although there are specific situations that make it impossible. These cases include possible infections in the area of ​​the extracted tooth or those in which the bone tissue has been damaged and requires a natural regeneration process.

How much are immediate dental implants worth?

As with all dental procedures, placement of an immediate dental implant depends on several factors, such as higher or lower quality of the materials used, the rate professional who perform … etc. However, as a general rule, the immediate loading dental implants are usually priced revolving around $1070.20 (which will then add the price for the dental crown).