Prevent oral diseases with periodic reviews in a dental clinic

Health and dental hygiene are two aspects that need daily care to avoid major problems. It is very important to go to a professional dental clinic for regular dental check done thoroughly and check the status of our teeth and gums, prevent disease or catch them at an early stage.

With this article we want to explain what it is and how a dental consultation review is done so that we can understand the things that make our team of professionals in such visits.

The first thing to do is notify your doctor any changes in your regular medication, or the appearance of some fortuitous allergy, and explain any illness or surgery that has been taken since the last visit.

Then there will be a dental exam, consisting of a possible joint palpation, and study of soft tissues (tongue, mucous membranes, and gums) and teeth.

Radiographs and more specific treatments to evaluate radiographs will be old. Our clinic has digital X-ray, X-rays applied to allow viewing on a screen large format digital technology.

Percussion vitality tests will be made in teeth with suspected alteration. Tests that are part of our daily diagnosis. In patients with gum problems, the level of insertion of the gum itself will probe to detect the progress of periodontal disease (gum disease).

The type of occlusion, where it is detected whether the patient has any problem for function or both jaws fit is also assessed. If necessary, you can request alternative radiological tests.

As you can see, review or first visit is the most important medical visit, and to be taken more seriously. A plan of treatment or prevention that will continue over the following months.